My Penis is Too Small – What to Do

At a young age, I was introduced to the world of sex. I was brought up with all the inappropriate sexual activity that is typical of a lot of teenagers.

When I was very young, I was shocked, and I am sure others of my gender haven`t been Humored enough to term it correctly. I remember one day in particular. I was playing basketball. I am not a big guy, and at 17 years old, I am not particular about muscles. I gained a couple of pounds, and people could easily mistakingly assumed that I needed to lose some weight.

On the other hand, after using a penis extender from, I gained a couple of inches on my penis. I don’t know of any dignity rights. I wasnt trying to be coy, I was trying to get the ball. I actually lost count of how many pairs of eyes could actually make move to grab the ball. It happens, but what I wonder is if they actually did it. It was actually an honour to be able to score a couple of points for the team.

These things are just over the border, and even if they were not in my sight, I would take them for granted. I think really is that what society has taught me to take these values? Someone needs to ask the Ref that is hidden behind Sex and the City and The Oprah Show.

Bustle actually realised how inferior I was, as I saw other people hug and make eyes with people who are much larger than them. This is where inside the creature of ‘Womanity’ enters. I still need an assessment period before embarking on any program to equip us with all the answers for life.

Before I embark on any program, I need to take some assessment.

Many men on Quora do not want to hear this. I actually received an email from one man who complained that his wife of many years had him living at home with the kids. He was a long distance caller living with his mother in a trailer.

He was extremely handsome, as the son of a famous Hollywood actress.

He`s in the middle of a major recession, driving a truck and having problems making ends meet.

The trailer was an add-on, and the kids would come by frequently for their picnics.

They seemed perfectly happy except for the frequent overnight visits by their mother, who enjoyed lengthy discussions with other women.

It appears that this man is not comfortable at all, living at home with the children, and this is why he needs an assessment period.

Later, he sent me an email explaining that he was afraid to lose her.

It is not a pleasant solution to this situation, and I don’t blame the man. He took her for granted. I wish the authors of our inspirational pages would have written this:Dating and Relationship Help- discussing the insecurity that many men feel as walking into a relationship, whether that be a marriage or a dating relationship.

We usually enter relationships as strangers, wondering for help, guidance, advice and anything that might be necessary to ensure the relationship works.

We begin to add all sorts of individuals and relationships, hoping we will have found the right one.

And then, all of a sudden, we realize that the right one was “The One”, a person whose personality completes us.

But where we screw up with our choices is that we continuously choose people who represent themselves the best.

If you are single, stop trying to understand why you have not found your partner. You might as well spend a week doing nothing.

Instead of wondering why, you must spend this week asking yourself what you want in your partner.

You must ask yourself why you have not found your partner. Allow yourself here to thoroughly analyze the people you have met so far.

Let this week be about getting rid of the people that do not seem like they would be compatible.

This is the best way to…

Wrestle with your ideals

Have one job – Two careers

Never work two jobs

Skip a night out

Skip a couple of dates

Nothing at all to wear

Nothing to eat – The whole week is spent eating

Nothing to do

…and nothing to remember

Keep it on the weekends


Flaunt your success

Heat up your house

Jared: So many women tell me that it is the best thing to know 100% that this man is attracted to you, but I have also received feedback from men and women that you are better off knowing a guy is attracted and you can be just as skilled with penis skills here, but you do not want to allow him to think he has got you anyway and is OK just taking the whole thing to the bedroom.