The Bangle Bracelet Fashion Statement

The humble bracelet, or better known as the bangle bracelet has been around for a very long time. Rules of fashion have been an integral part of our culture and most of the rules have been introduced due to a cause we are now more interested in, fashion. Rules concerning not wearing black at certain times of the day, not wearing your sweaty underwear to work, or any of the many fashion rules have come about to encourage women to walk with confidence and off of their high heels which they have been killing themselves over.

Bangle bracelets are a great fashion choice for just about all women!

We now see women walking with sneakers or other man made excellently crafted shoes designed to make them look just as chic if not sexier than the ever famous supermodels. But where did the idea for the bangle bracelet originate from?

Recently there has been a fashion trend for wearing the so called “bane rest” which is a bracelet with no ends and is usually made of steel. Whether one uses this trend to make a fashion statement or to stay away from the rest of the world the bracelet bracelet will always be the perfect accessory and it is highly recommended that everyone splash out on at least one unique handmade bangle bracelet that they will never be seen in again. Throughout the ages old traditions have been used to create jewelry and this is nothing new.

In many parts of the world chocolate is used to make the hammered or braided material that is used to make the bracelet that is the basis of every woman’s dream. Because of the differences in cultures and time lines the differences in the use of the bracelet as well as the number of cultures that it has entered into are also vast. Some of the cultures used it to wear around their wrist to indicate the wealth that they had; others made it an important part of their attire with different symbols and figures denoting special occasions.

Other cultures used the bracelet as part of their daily uses. These are fishermen, hunters, and other warriors. These everyday people wanted something to tell everyone that they had it, so everyone had to have the bracelet.

Other cultures used the bracelet to conceal the release of a message or revel in a victory. These used it to announce the availability of something, either food, clothing, or even a wedding. Every potential customer was therefore told of therington bracelet because it was easily a commercialize during battle, victory or other important occasions.

One culture used it to symbolize wealth; the gilded rope was used by aristocracy. Religion was another important part of life in these days and symbols were used to convey ones belief system. This was the main reason why the bangle bracelet was invented in the first place.

Many of the old works and structures have been combined with contemporary societies to create new and unique products. The bracelet thus became a product that was useful to many many many people at a time depending on your needs.

Throughout the world, different cultures have discovered new and innovative uses for the bracelet. The invention of paper currency may have been helpful too as it allowed people to realize they were more valuable in the eyes of the market.

In all cultures around the globe new designs, materials and functionality continues to evolve. The ever dynamic nature of our industry ensuring new designs at an unprecedented rate; therefore, awaits the emergence of more creativity and imagination.