Our First Store!

Posted on January 17, 2016 by Elizabeth Mason

After 2 years, we are very excited to announce that The Pink Armoire is opening our very first brick and mortar store right in the heart of Old Town Alexandria!

The new store will be located at 111 South Columbus Street in a historic row house along with our sister store, Periwinkle. Now Pink Armoire fans will have 3 ways to shop our adorable and affordable collection!

  • At Our New Store!
  • Online at www.shopthepinkarmoire.com
  • And on our Fashion Bus (insert link)

Our customers are going to love the charm of our new space. The over 200 year old historic home has been completely renovated and we’ve got big plans for the space. There’s tons of room for great events and we are looking for ways to give back to our local charities on a regular basis.

Built in 1798 by a prominent Quaker, it has served 10 owners in one capacity or another, though only half of them actually dwelled there. At one time it was owned by one of the wealthiest men of the 19th century, Benjamin Tasker Dulany. Then a local architect, still remembered after a passage of over one hundred years, enlarged the house to the rear and embellished it with woodwork in excellent taste. He lived there some of the time and at others used it as an office and shop. Well into its second century, a German housewife again increased its size and turned it into a boarding house and restaurant. She and her family owned the house for seventy three years. Restored at great expense in 1976, this eighteenth century house with its handsome facade is set for another one hundred years.

Stay tuned for announcements on our soft opening (coming in February) and our grand opening (slated for March).

In the meantime, join us for a very special preview Thursday, January 21st & Friday, January 22nd from 1-8pm and Saturday, January 23rd from 12-4pm. 

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